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  • Exchanges

    • market making
    • trade bots
    • arbitration bots
  • Telegram

    • bots
    • apps
    • pump group
    • account automation
    • collecting info from TG groups
  • Blockchain

    • dApps
    • smart contracts
    • blockchain integration

Use cases

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    Defender bot

      Defender bot with a set of useful features such as:
    • detection of fraudulent users using a similar login (with the replacement of one or more characters) and avatar
    • secure transactions
    • protection of the user's avatar by detecting the «stolen» avatar in the groups where the bot is a member, with further sending messages to the group administrators
    • monitoring changes in user information, followed by sending messages to group administrators in case of suspicious activity
    • function of passing KYC - photo, video, geotag, fingerprint
    • user trust rating based on message analysis
    • the opportunity to inform all market participants about an unscrupulous partner (after providing evidence to the group administrators)
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    Exchange bot

    A bot designed for cryptocurrency trading between telegram users

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    Smart contracts interface

    This interface allows you to interact with a smart contract, knowing its address, call methods of a smart contract directly from the web-page. The interface allows you to create new transactions, provided that you have a key with the right to do so. For certain types of contracts, it is also possible to change wallet holders.



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